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Business Casual for Women


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Business Casual for Women must not be muddled with smooth casuals. While trailing business casual for women, you need to go for clothing that seems neat and simple and must appear flawless for any business meeting. Business casual for women does not comprise on clothes that you may don while appearing in a cocktail party or an outdoor affair. In a nutshell, it needs to be stylish and decent and not showy or flashy. Every business has a diverse dress code. Somewhat that is measured as formal clothing in one business might not be counted in another. Initially, you may check the office course of action guidebook, which might have a referred as of the dress code that the staffs are to follow. Let us have a glance at some rules of business casual for women.

Business Casual for Women

Women can blend formal wear shades along with light shades like dark brown, navy blue or black. The most significant aspect of business clothing is the fitting. Make certain all the cuts fit your figure appropriately and are not excessively loose or tight. Let`s see which clothes come under this >


  • Dress suit



  • Knee length or two-inches-above-the-knee skirts



  • Corduroy, khaki, twill, linen or cotton pants or skirts



  • Tailored knit sweaters



  • Tailored blouse or shirt



  • Two-piece suit with jacket


Make sure that the skirt slits are proper. Like, for a long skirt must not have a cut above the knees. A short skirt, a slight slit at the lower center of the back is adequate since it is for the suitability of ascending stairs. Your attire must be spotless and pressed. Wrinkle free fabric is the ideal choice. Hose is necessary if your skirt is two inch above your knee or knee length.

You may use Accessories to spice your look. A delicate pair earrings, necklace, and bracelets can add a fine touch to your outfit. Do not pick colored accessories, use correct metal accessories which seem stylish. Bags or purses make a big modification to your clothing; hence, they must flatter your clothing appropriately. You may pick from a big range in leather bags and purses. They need to be simple, unicolored, small in size and should go well with your clothing. You may match your footwear with your bag for a synchronized appearance. If you are supposed to carry a number of documents, pick a leather folder as per the size needed. Pay consideration to your hair, and it must not appear messy.


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