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I recently placed a small order from a newly just launched (online) boutique called XXXVI COUTURE CARTEL.

Having such a blast with my item and getting TONS of: “Oh, I like your shirt!” Or “Hey… Where did you get that? Can I have one too?” I definitely wanted to give you the details on the “goods” here as well!

Super excited and have the great pleasure to share with you one of XXXVI COUTURE CARTEL hottest items in store which is the ” Mommy Mogul ” T-shirts.

Mommy Mogul tee is a tight fit shirt. Totally comfortable and stretches. I am a medium in tops, but since this is a fitted shirt, I just wanted to play it safe and I ordered a large top. So in my photo, I’m actually wearing a large, not bad huh? Looks like a small ????

I paired the shirt up with blue jeans and pink / silver mixed earrings. See similar style earrings HERE.

So if you’re a Mommy Mogul grab your tee and ROCK-it at it’s finest!

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