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It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back in London and it’s the first time I’ve been able to properly sit down, finish typing up this post and then marathoning Law and Order: SVUlike it’s no one’s business. Between moving, cleaning, sorting out paperwork and meeting up with friends, I’ve been completely swamped. It’s the perfect way to welcome me back to this busy city.
I was originally supposed to do the bridal makeup for a friend’s wedding. But thank God to last minute changes and the bride finally found a professional makeup artist to do the work for her big day, my nerves only had to undergo the panic attack of going to a wedding where I knew no one but the bride. I mean, for those of you following me on twitter, I’m sure you probably saw my panic/breakdown tweets from Monday. But turns out, as always, I was freaking myself out more than the actual situation warranted. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony set at the gorgeous and historical Dulwich Picture Gallery. I don’t cry at weddings, actually I don’t cry much in real life situations, but there were hint of tears when the priest(?) talked about how marriage doesn’t promise romance, but it promises love and such other words.
[Dress: Closet | Blazer: HM | Shoes Clutch: New Look]
This is the first wedding I’ve been properly invited to and have not attended as ‘the kid of the parents that were invited’. And with my wardrobe 98% composed of HM basics and the other 2% composed of old tees, I borrowed this gorgeous red dress from my girl up in Edinburgh. Quite honestly, I would’ve never looked at this dress twice in stores, but holy sweet baby Jesus, I am so glad I trusted my girl’s judgment. I’m not used to wearing such bright, loud coloured clothes, so I tried to tone it down with some simple black accessories. Also, girls, never wear new heels to a wedding. It will be painful and you will be willing to dish out a chunk load of money to catch a cab back.
I’ve more or less finished organizing my new room. I’m still waiting for some essentials to arrive, but I thought I’d share some snippets of my favourite corners. My room this year has an abundant amount of organizing cubicles so naturally, I’m going to try and keep my room less haphazard and actually utilize what’s offered. I also put up some personal photos to warm up the room a bit. Needless to say, they’re one of my favourite bits.

Also, I feel like after an abundant amount of instagram exposure, I should officially introduce my baby to you guys. People, meet Sito, my stupid turtle.It’s an affectionate term because I refuse to call this silly one by it’s christened name. My former flatmates pretty much compelled me to name the turtle after the two of them, so while I give in on that front, I’m refusing to feed their ego by actually calling this little one Sito. So for the time being, it’s my stupid turtle. You guys are welcome to call it by its name though. The other puppy has travelled with me from Minnesota back to Taiwan and now to London. I’ve had Tuffy since I was 9ish and it’s one of my favourite memories from childhood.
I don’t do a lot of “what’s in my bag” posts due to a constant switch around. But I’ve been on my best ‘bag behaviour’, as Jayecalls it, and dumped my contents on the floor specifically for a post on her blog. So if you want to have a nosy around my bag or read how I forgot what a pocket was called and came up with an insanely long description for it, then click here.
I know some of you have already started school or is about to start uni – several months ago, I did a post on my personal blog (that is now pretty much abandoned – the shame!) on my advice for surviving uni. I’ve now graduated, but five years and three unis,if you want to read my two cents on surviving uni, headhere.
For the rest of the time before school starts, I’m just going to enjoy the rest of the break and chill. What have you been up to recently?

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