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Thanks, Parisian!

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I know, I know, totally my fault. I`ve spoiled them rotten. ๐Ÿ˜› I`ve always taught them quality over quantity because of my past experience as a #certifiedshopaholic. Buying cheap stuff in bulk may give you a lot of choices to wear but it doesn`t mean quality. Most of the time you use it once, twice, maximum of 3 times tapos bibigay na, so I`ve always gone for branded, imported items a quality which my kids have inherited. In fairness, totoo naman #aminin. Although of course this doesn`t apply to ALL local brands. May maganda at matibay din namang local brands.

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I can`t say that (SM) PARISIAN is a quality brand. But at least it has gotten stylish over the years. I remember my college days. Kikay talaga ako. ๐Ÿ˜› I wore a white uniform to school, but I always, always matched my bag shoes. At dahil panahon pa ng kopong-kopong, SM was THE only place to be. Kaya kilala ko ang Parisian, I grew up with it. All colors of the rainbow, I would drag my mom -the ever busy doctor to SM whenever the opportunity came up she was patient-free so I can ask her to buy me matching colored shoes bags that I would wear to school. Yes, HEELS! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That`s how overly girlified I was back then.

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In fairness, lumalaban na ang(SM) Parisian! ๐Ÿ˜›

Ate is a pain in the @$$ when shopping for shoes (and everything else actually. But more when it comes to shoes!). I swear, I wanna commit murder when I take her shoe shopping. She may like the color but she doesn`t like the heels. She may like the heels but she doesn`t like the shininess of the material. Basta, laging may BUT MOMMY!

Tomorrow, she has a party to go to. Wala pa siyang shoes for her made-to-order cocktail dress in spite of our week-long search in ALL the nearby malls shops. Aaaaarghhh! @_@ I was practically rolling my eyes mala-Linda Blair of The Exorcist in anticipation of our yet another shopping expedition yesterday as soon as she came home from school. I put my foot down na as I met her at the door. I told her in no uncertain terms we were going to SM as a last resort she was buying SOMETHING by hook or by crook! May gusto man sya or wala.

Thank goodness for RAJO LAUREL KC CONCEPCION! ๐Ÿ˜› Nag-level up na ang Parisian, so ate was somewhat agreeable mollified. This is it. Last choice wala ka nang magagawa hija!

All Parisian photos in this post belong to the Parisian website.

Choice #1.

1.5k, not bad. Though I`m quite apprehensive about the quality, she`ll probably just use this once or twice so what harm can it do.

The heels were in tan. She wants in black. So NO. One down, 3 to go. @_@

Choice #2.

Also 1.5k BUT (again I heard that word!) she wanted all-pink. So this was a NO.

Comfiest among the 4, but still a resounding NO. Two down, 2 to go. @_@

Choice #3.

She was ok with this pair. But she almost fell a couple of times, good thing I was holding her as she strutted around the store. ๐Ÿ˜›

So NO. I was the one who said no to this, sadly. Cute pa naman sya! </3

The ankle support wasn`t that snug so she tripped a couple of times, sayang.

1.2k But NO. Three down, 1 to go. @_@

And whad`ya know??? When we least expected it.. GIBI FOR THE WIN hehehe!

Winner! 1.) Strong ankle support. 2.) Wedge heels 3.) Fuschia -the color she wanted. 4.) Snug fit = comfort! Yay!!! m/

Although I highly doubt if she will wear this again after the party! @_@

Downside: May velcro! :))

So I sent it quickly to Mr. Quickie (yes, pun intended) this morning to have it adjusted so the velcro won`t show. MY GULAAYYY!!!

I was already clapping at this point! ;))

Ok naman tignan ate. They won`t notice it na dark naman inside the ballroom! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And they`ll be busy looking at your beautiful face to notice the your velcro`d shoes hahaha!

A little tight at size 8, but she`ll be able to work it.

She`s normally a size 9-10 depending on the brand.

Local brands she`s a size 10. But this particular gibi shoes are bigger than most local brands so hopefully she`ll be ok the whole night.

All that strutting made my beauty queen hungry. So she finally gave in when I force fed her. I need to tire her more! ๐Ÿ˜‰

See? Food is our friend, ate!!!

Yummy yummy food! ;))

PS- I`m guesting tomorrow night (or Sunday) on my Lovey`s FASHION BLOG for ate`s complete look for Isabella`s 18th birthday party at Shangrila Hotel Makati. Do watch out for it. <3

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