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Summerly autumn

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Ombre hair and ombre clothing was very trendy last year and still is trendy but one thing you must know about me is that even if I try to get to know the latest trends I do not necessarily stick to them. I try not to be a fashion victim and have fun with fashion. I find it senseless and stupid not to wear something only because it has become “passe”. If I still like it, why should I? Today’s outfit was created around an ombre T-shirt I bought this summer during sales – I liked the face print and ombre effect.

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It is hard to believe it but at the end of October we had a truly summer day – 24 degrees in the shade and 27 degrees in the sun 🙂 – all, they say, due to hot African wind which raised temperatures around here.. Well, I decided to enjoy summer this 2013 season one last time and wear a very colourful outfit with an ombre face print, fuchsia blazer and turquoise necklace. In the end I felt so hot during our every-day walk that even the blazer turned out to be completely unneccessary – the weather is sometimes crazy and if I knew it would be so warm I would definitely use this occassion to wear a summer dress but I checked the grades only after coming back home and taking photos …

I was wearing: PullBear skinny blue jeans, blue and turquoise Bershka wedges, Piazza Italia colourful ombre T-shirt, HM fuchsia blazer, Tory Burch logo orange leather bracelet, turquoise necklace I bought at a fair last year, turquoise ring and turquoise earrings and turquoise big statement ring I bought at Talamello this week – see post here

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