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Spring Fever

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This past week the weather has been so gorgeous here in Houston! I`ve definitely got spring fever! Two nights ago, I spent the evening shopping for spring dresses for a few upcoming events! If you`re a nordy girl like me (regular at Nordstrom) then you already know Nordstrom has the best options! But this spring, they are killin` it, from the cutest dresses I saw to the OTS trend that is sticking around for spring 2017! And unlike last summer`s crop tops, OTS is also one of the easiest to wear and surprisingly sexy in a quiet, subtle way. Best of all, it`s a

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Photos:Diamond Oak Photography

Top|Jeans(take 25% off) | Wedges (save) |Wedges(splurge)|Clutch|Earrings|Bracelet|Sunnies

I`ve linked several of my favorite OTS finds below!Have you jumped on the OTS trend?

I`d love to hear your favorite finds!Have a great Friday and even better weekend!

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