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Pencil Skirt – How to Glamorize It

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What do Ashley Simpson, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba have in common? Apart from the color of their hair evidently, all of them can carry off a Pencil Skirt, even in their nap (which may be a bit tough, to be true). And if you’ve observed, they aren’t certainly necessarily of the same body shape. While a few of them may be big and have never-ending legs, the others are of a tallness that most females can contentedly relate to. Some are curvaceous and some are stick-thin. So, what is this piece of dress that can go with all body shapes? Let’s discover out in the pieces below.

Pencil Skirt

The Pattern

A pencil skirt appeared as a hot fashion at the time of Second World War. The basic design of the pencil skirt is as follows. It is a body-hugging skirt that covers up to or below the knee. It fits cozily, right from the waist till the end layer at the knee. The stiffness of the skirt and its slim and long fit are what provided it the name ‘pencil skirt’. Primarily something like ‘hobble skirts’ (called so for the reason that they made women ‘hobble’), this skirt was provided a fresh name and appearance by Christian Dior when he named it an H-line skirt and let the size to be shortened from the hobble’s full size to the knee length that it is a leading trend nowadays. Most pencil skirts currently come with either a side slit or a back slit with the aim of making the leg movements a bit less awkward for the wearer.

What to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

In past days, a pencil skirt was sported as a fashion statement by working women. Now nevertheless, it is sported by professionals all across the globe. When it comes to what to pair the pencil skirt up with, there are so lots of choices. If you’re considering retro fashion, then you may get a checkered pencil skirt and team it up with knee-high boots and a plain top. For official office attire, you may not ever go wrong with dark shades. A black or navy blue skirt with a pristine white blouse, smartly slipped in with a jacket flattering the skirt makes for a graceful formal dress. Pencil skirt clothes are also doing the circles of the style circuit. So you may catch a few of body-hugging clothes and wrap a stunning stole around your shoulders and put on some sexy boots for an extra trendy look! It will compliment your curves and make you appear super-sexy!

A pencil skirt is more of formal outfit, so do not wear it for casual events. It will limit your movement and you won’t be able to comfortably enjoy yourself. But for regular office wear or official dinner parties, this is one of the best choices!

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