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Oh, It’s Just Perfect!

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The baby shower was fabulous. My Aunt and cousin worked so hard and it was such a huge success. My cousin looks adorable pregnant and has only gained weight in her stomach. I kinda hate her for that. They also had an area designated for COOKIES. I ate my weight in cookies–truly. Not only that, but I brought a container of cookies home too. Yep. Total lack of self control. Guess what I’m having for breakfast?!?

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This weekend I bought some new candles for our house. I love having a candle burning. We burn one every night and the sight and smell of it make me so happy. Here are my new ones that I can’t wait to use:

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Crimson Amaryllis. Seda France Pagoda Candle. $29.

Scent: Zip of persimmon, lemon zest, mandarin oranges and sun-kissed raspberries

and creamy coconut milk, African violet, crisp green leaves

and a silky sweet conclusion of Egyptian musk and Tahitian vanilla.


Vintage. James Boyce by Voluspa. $18.

Scent: Brut Champagne, Almonds and Oak.



Ambre Lumiere. Voluspa. $27.

Scent: Light Amber, Vanilla Benzoine and Indonesian Patchouli


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