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Like a peacock

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Peacocks are very interesting birds – their extravagant tails with a wonderful mix of colours are used during courtship so the more beautiful sex of this species are males as the females are much less colourful – all brown and/or grey. It is no surprise that these georgeous creatures just like butterflies were a great inspiration for the world of fashion….

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The following tunic has been presented on the blog already before. Whenever I wear it I attract the attention of people around me. Colourful clothes like this one are of the simplest ones to mix and create an original look. This time I matched it with colourful electric blue leggins, emerald green pumps, light green and black HM necklace, turquoise earrings, Breil mint watch, Camaieu crystal ring and wooden fucchsia bracelet. Autumn does not really need to be grey!

I was wearing:

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