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Knitting 101

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Embarking on a new hobby is so rewarding, especially when it`s a hobby such as knitting. With a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Creating that special scarf or shawl is more involved than simply picking up a pair of needles and knitting away. There are so many options out there when choosing the correct needle, which is what we will take a look at today.

The first choice you will need to make when choosing a knitting needle the type of material the needle is made of. The three main types of knitting needles you will come across are Wooden (such as Bamboo or other types of hardwood), metal, and plastic. However, you will sometimes run across glass and resin needles but they are not as commonly used.

Wooden Needles Wooden needles are arguably the most popular across the knitting population. They provide a smooth surface, but not as slippery as metal needles may be. They are also warmer to hold than other types of needles. On a cold day those metal needles can freeze your hands! Wooden needles tend to be some of the most expensive and come in the most attractive colors. However, if you want the softness of hardwood needles without the hefty price tag bamboo needles are a great option.

Plastic Needles – If you are new to knitting it is recommended that you start with plastic needles since they are cheaper, easy to find, light and come in a wide range of sizes. They are also the easiest to find. It is likely that your local shop may not carry wooden or metal needles, but they will have a wide variety of plastic needles.

Out of all the knitting needle types, knitters will find metal needles to be the most durable type of needles. Metal needles offer the >

The most important decision when picking out a needle (and this might sound cliche) is finding what is comfortable for you. Some people will be comfortable with wood while others are comfortable with metal. Some people will want to knit everything on glass needles while others will only want to work on plastic. Perhaps you should purchase a set of each when you attempt your first knitting project. Trying them out will be the only way to know which types of needles you really like.Just remember, the needle specification suggestion in patterns are just that, suggestions! Enjoy your new hobby knitting!


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