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Kalli Alba Bridal Couture

Did you all know we have our own bridal couture designer right here in Huntsville? We do. Allow me to introduce you to Stephanie Nichols of Madison, Alabama. She is the designer behind Kalli Alba Bridal Couture.

Kalli Alba Bridal Couture was started after the birth of Stephanie`s 3rd child. She kept seeing all these super-cute tutu dresses and thought they looked fairly simple so she decided to try to make one herself. After posting some pictures of her first few projects, Stephanie was contacted by someone local who wanted something similar, but in vintage colors, for an inspiration bridal shoot.

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With that, Kalli Alba Bridal Couture was born. That was in March of 2011.

Happy anniversary Stephanie.

After opening her Etsy shop and designing for people right here in the Untied States, Stephanie has acquired clients from several other countries. Kalli Alba Bridal Couture isn`t limited to any certain age group. Her designs are extremely cute for infants yet still elegant enough for a Bride to wear on her wedding day.

Kalli Alba Bridal Couture is located in Madison, Alabama and is done all from the comfort of Stephanie`s sewing studio inside her home. The name Kalli Alba Bridal Couture comes from her two daughters; Kalli and Alba.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Stephanie and this is what she had to say,

I love trying out new designs. I have several people contacting me asking if I can do the tops of the dresses certain ways, or mix the tulle in a different blend. The fact comes to this..it`s YOUR dress/gown. You should get what you want. If for some reason I don`t think I can make your design, I will let you know. Kalli Alba Bridal Couture is Unique Designs for Unique Minds. Tulle is my favorite fabric to use on the dresses/gowns. It just makes you feel like a princess. So if you have a photo-shoot, wedding, or just want to feel like a princess while you clean your home, this is the place to go!

A little about the designer:

Stephanie was born and raised in the small town of Pinson, AL. She met and married her soul-mate Shaun in 2002. They have three children (a boy, and two girls) and are always busy. She is in school for her business degree full time, and loves to sew, read and be outdoors. She has recently taken up running as a hobby and plans to compete in a few 5k runs that are coming up soon.



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