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Jewelry Fair

I had a bit of free time this morning and thought it was the perfect opportunity to rummage through some of my find from the Uber and Jewelry Fair events. After a few moments and a heap of opened boxes strewn all over the place , I found my outfit for the day.

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If you have not have not had a chance to visit Uber or The Jewelry Fair 2014 yet, you should.There are a ton of amazing designers with so many fabulous items. There were so many unique pieces at the Jewelry Fair; I had a really hard time narrowing things down to just one for my daily outfit.

Uber is a newer event and it has definitely not let me down this month or the previous. I really hope that they keep the general layout as time moves on. It is very easy to navigate and each month they change up the scenery around it to match the theme. They get big kudos for that in my book!

Well, enough of my rambling on; here is a listing of my finds! I hope you enjoy them just as much, if not more than I have.


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