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In black, beige and gold

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Today a little warmer outfit I was wearing when we went to Eremo di Monte Carpegna so even if it is still summery in the other parts of Italy, I needed to put some jacket and be more covered there since I was there between1260 – 1415 meters above the sea level. I could not wait to wear this dress, so even if it would be maybe more appropriate to wear some trousers I wore the dress. It was the same comfortable since we were not walking a lot and only visited the local church to make a little prayer. Before that we went to Pugliano to see the animal market – I will tell you about it in the next post. For now here is my look:

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I was wearing: black Camaieu maxi dress, beige flats, Valentino beige and black bag, Zara black leather jacket and animal-print black, white and yellow scarf.

Hope you like it!



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