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In autumn colours

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Is there anything more beautiful than colourful leaves on the trees? Yes, colourful leaves in the sun 😉 Unfortunately for me but good for the botanical world it is raining these days and the temperatures further dropped till below 15 degrees, which for me is already cold but before that I managed to take some shots in a lighter clothing of truly autumnal colours: orange, gold and brown. Unfortunately again it was slightly raining also then, there was little sun and little light so the photos are not of the best quality and due to sudden decrease

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in temperatures unfortunately I did not have a chance to repeat them….

I was wearing: PullBear blue jeans, Made in Italy leopard orange shirt with gold buttons, PullBear suede shoes with gold studs, Zara brown suede jacket, gold-plated silver bracelet, orange leather bracelet, gold earrings, gold necklace with a small cross

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