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I was feeling sad

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AHH!!! Ladies!! I was feeling sad, so I did my make-up, set up my camera on a timer, and did my own little boudoir session!! I’m in LOVE!!! What do you think? I have been doing photography for 6 years, and finally decided to try it on myself



    • Yea! I’m actually a semi-professional photographer, and I decided to try doing myself for once lol

  1. It’s a lot harder to do these than it looks lol. Setup the camera and tripod, focus on the area you want your head, set the 10-second timer, and the jump to the bed and quickly think of a pose lol

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    • Haha I’m still working on my booty, but stairs have helped me quite a bit lol

    • Honestly I would have never guessed a self timer took these ! They are amazing I wish I had this confidence. I’m trying to get into photography . Good job‚

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