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How to Wear Scarves The Style Guide

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Now that winter is finally here, it is time to bring out your beautiful cashmere sweaters, cute and trendy beanie hats and the amazing stoles and scarves that you have been dying to wear the entire year. But when it comes to bringingout the pretty-pretty scarves and stoles, why limit them to the same old boring fashion? Instead, this year, try some different ways to wear a stole and different ways to wear a scarf.

Take a look at some of the easiest and most versatile ways of wearing your scarves, stoles and shawls in ethnic fashion. Wear them with your anarkalis, your traditional salwar kameez or even some funky kurtas.

1. The Headband

This is a rather new and simple way of how to tie a headscarf. In fact, it is easier than tying a scarf. Just take a vibrant scarf that you like, fold it unevenly, because you do not want it to look like a bandana, let down your locks, and tie it across your forehead with a simple loop knot. Remember to brush your hair and give it a little poof for maximum effect. You can always pair it with a psychedelic print harem pant.

2. The tasseled scarf

Have a scarf with tassels but don`t know how to show it off? Well then, this is just the thing for you. One of the easiest and yet different ways to wear scarves, this simple loop will not only show off those gorgeous tassels, but also keep you warm from the chilly wind. For best effect, pair it with a monochromatic kurti and simple blue jeans. Don`t overdo it and just let the scarf shine.

Deepika Padukone showed us how to wear stole on kurtis in her recent movie, Piku! The simple and elegant looks definitely caught everyone`s attention!

3. The Infinity Loop

For this style, you need to get a scarf that has no open ends, that is, both the edges are sewn together. To answer the question of how to drape infinity scarf, you simply take it and wrap it twice across your neck, and you are good to go! Yes, it is that simple. So the next time you wear the same old boring salwar kameez that you dread, simply use an infinity loop scarf to jazz it up.

4. The Inside Out Loop

Wondering how to wear a shawl in different ways? You might want to give this simple loop a try. It is fairly simple, works with all kinds of heavy or light stoles, shawls and scarves and takes less than ten seconds to do. Just wrap the shawl around your neck once and tuck the two ends inside the loop so that they touch your chest. Trust us when we say this, a bright coloured inside out looped shawl will bring the wow factor to the most boring outfit.

5. The Head Scarf

The headscarf is a go to style for every woman who is looking for different ways to wear scarves.Not only is this style super chic and easy to do, but this is the best solution in case you are having a bad hair day when your hair just won`t listen to you. Wondering how to tie a headscarf? Fret not, for it is an easy peasy task. First, tie your hair into a high bun and make sure that it is tight. Wrap your scarf twice around your head so that the ends face upwards. Tie the ends together, twist them together and tuck them along the head scarf.

We love how Sonam Kapoor wore a head scarf to a recent wedding! <3

There are umpteen more ways to wear scarves. Try your own creativity and style!

Tarun Tahiliani too has showed us how to wear scarves to create an indo-western fusion boho look. We especially love the belted version <3

So there you have it. But feel free to experiment and come up with your own styles. Make this winter the trendiest season ever and flaunt your style all over!

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