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How To Make A Headband On The Rainbow Loom 1937

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Make a Rainbow Loom Head Band!

Use any color you want or Solar

color changing bands as seen here!

In the video tutorial above you`ll learn to make a Solar color changing headband on Rainbow Loom. Make it on 1 loom! Every girl needsto have plenty of headbands to complete your look or just to keep your hair back for a nice clean look.The great thing about a Rainbow Loomheadband is that you can get super creative with the colors! Design headbands to match your favorite outfits!Head bands are really popular and they`re a must have accessory.

Get ready to learn how to make your Rainbow Loomheadband right now. Just follow this easy tutorial by Craft Life(above) with guided step by step instructions and very soon you`ll have a headband of your very own.For helpful color combination hints and ideas please visit our our Color Pallet Gallery here. And enjoy making your new Head Band.

Here`s the Solar color changing headband you`ll learn to make in the above tutorial.

Other Rainbow Loom Headbands

you might want to make click images

Check out our new Pixel Art Coloring Book!
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