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How To Hem A Dress

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You don`t have to take your dress to the dressmaker to get it hemmed anymore. Hemming a dress is quick and easy, and it can make a great difference in how your garment looks and feels on you. You can learn how to hem in a flash.

Gathering Your Materials

Hemming is done by hand, so you don`t need a sewing machine or any other fancy equipment for this project. You`ll just need a few simply tools and accessories to get started. You`ll have to have your dress, or you can also do this easy project with a skirt. In addition to your garment, you should also have a universal sewing needle, straight dress pins, a ruler, a seam ripper, an iron, a pair of scissors, a fabric marker and thread in the color of your dress.

Getting Started

Start the hemming process by taking out the current hem with your seam ripper. Take care not to rip the fabric. Next, iron out the fabric so that the crease from the original hem is gone.

Put the dress or skirt on, and stand in front of a full-length mirror. You might need a buddy for this part. Use your straight pins to loosely hem up the bottom of the skirt at different lengths. Try it one inch shorter than it was, two inches shorter than it was and at other lengths as well. The pins won`t hurt the dress, so you can play around with it and take the pins in and out as you like.

Once you have your perfect length, you can either leave a pin in to mark the spot or mark the spot with a piece of chalk. Take the dress off, and lay it on the floor. Use your chalk and a ruler to measure all the way around the skirt. Mark your desired hem as you go.

You`ll now need to iron the hem back up before you start stitching. Your first instinct may be to simply fold up the hem once and make a crease with the iron, but you really need to make a clean hem by folding the material twice. This will prevent the hem from falling out and fraying. Make a small fold at the very bottom of the skirt. Make this fold about 1/2 wide. Iron this fold before making another one to the exact line that you marked with your chalk. Iron this fold as well.

Start Sewing

Now it`s time to sew. You`ll be using a blind hem stitch. To start this stitch, you will begin by threading your needle, making a knot in your needle thread, inserting the needle at a seam and then making one small stitch. You will then make a long blind stitch followed by a tiny hem stitch. Your hem stitch will attach the hem. Use this long and short pattern all the way around the hem, and knot the thread at the end. This hemming technique is simple and fast, and you can even use it on shorts and pants as well!


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