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Holiday Gift Guide {for Mom}

It’s that time of year again: the time of year when our shopping is completely justified, and even, encouraged, because hey, ’tis the season. And also, it’s giving, and therefore a totally “good” kind of shopping.

I thought I’d kick things off with a little list of gift ideas for a special mom in your life. I’m always trying to find a thoughtful gift for my mom – particularly something that she wouldn’t get for herself; but all of a sudden, this year, I have friends … who are moms! Apparently, this is part of growing up. So now here I am, trying to brainstorm the kinds of gifts that I would want (when I eventually become a mom) … a very cool kind of mom, I might add.

A gift for mom should be something just for her – half practical / half splurge. From a leopard print mouse (and keyboard set) to a lacy bralette, from a go-anywhere watch (that I myself covet!) to a much-needed new wallet, from funky cat-eye sunnies to an initial bracelet (or two or three – one for each of her babies), the gift should be personal and oh-so-special.


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