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At we offer you a high quality footwear that since 1920 has been located above ephemeral manners trends, thanks to its elegance and comfort. Inspired in the nautical world, Castellano prints on all its shoes and loafers the ability to adapt to all styles. Among simple cuts and the most innovative ways, Castilian shoes add a touch of character to any look, traditional or urban.

This shoe is stated as an essential on all occasions, offering great comfort to the most demanding feet. Made by hand, one by one, with selected leathers from Northern Spain and Europe, show all the technique of Madrid shoemakers. A wide palette of colors ranging from classic marine colors, black and brown to leopard prints that illuminate the most informal women’s flat shoes, by referring to distant wilderness.

Essential and timeless

Seasons pass, fashions come and go, but the shoes that make up the catalog of our online store Castilian remain, such as the >

You will find all the fashion for your feet on our website. We offer the most iconic shoes from the Spanish wardrobe and continue to set the fashion and trend for men and women. Discover our scrupulous hand cuts, our unique devices, and a craft mounted which is only made by Castellano.

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