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On the heels of our two-year wedding anniversary (it was yesterday!), I thought I`d talk date night and fashion, of course.

I love date night. I know it`s nerdy, especially because the hubs and I have been together for eternity (or at least since high school), but there`s something about date night that gets me all giddy inside. I love getting all dressed up, I love that the hubby remembers to wear cologne (sometimes), I love trying new restaurants and drinking a little too much wine and holding hands. I also love breaking in a new pair of shoes that clearly were never going to work in a law office. #truth

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  • A great light-weight handbag. I am loving structured purses with great texture and color for the Fall.



  • A bold statement necklace.



  • I tend to stick to my tried and true favorite tanks and shirts, adding layers as it gets colder.



  • A tough-girl jacket {I`ve been crushing hard on the menswear-inspired coats this season.} The leather sleeves are an added bonus.



  • The matte lipstick crayon from NARS is heaven. I love a bold red lip  especially on date night and matte lipstick tends to be pretty error proof  put it in kids crayola crayon form and I`m in heaven.



  • I`m actually on the hunt for >



  • Sequins. They`re a must on date night.



  • I`ve also been pretty obsessed with layering rings lately  the more, the merrier, and at least one on every finger. Madewell has some gorgeous, and affordable, stacking ring options that I`ve completely fallen for. The trickiest part is figuring out the sizes of all of your other fingers (i.e., everything but the ring finger.) I`ve basically just started ordering one-size-up as I go along the fingers; so: my ring finger is a size 5, I order a size 6 for the middle finger, and a 7 for the index finger. If the rings are ever too big on one finger, I just move them up and over. I also love wearing rings on my thumb  and my thumb is generally the same size as my index finger.




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