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This weekend, hubby and I are taking a really quick trip to Orlando to celebrate my very fabulous friend`s big birthday; in Disney World, to be exact (and I`m totally giddy!) But I am the world`s worst packer, particularly when it comes to shorter trips. Try as I might, I normally wind up packing a luggage, an actual full-sized luggage, for most one- or two-day getaways, even when the luggage is barely filled. This weekend, I`m determined to pack only the essentials in a throw-in-the-backseat carryall, more specifically: the weekender bag. I have an older version of the Deux Lux Sequin Weekender Bag, but it`s beginning to get a bit worse for wear  it`s a sad sad day when the sequins start to fall off  of anything, really. So I`m eying a few of these luxe new weekender bag styles  torn between a rich-looking leather duffel and something a bit more funky and colorful. Do you have a go-anywhere weekender or duffel bag that you swear by?

By the way, be sure to check out my post on nothing but sequin weekender bags (updated in 2014)!

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The Weekenders: 1. Deux Lux Sequin Berlin Weekender Bag // 2.Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Pearl Weekender // 3. Deux Lux Striped Raleigh Weekender Bag (Also, try the Key Largo Weekender, the striped Baha Weekender, or the Striped + Sequined Weekender) // 4.Sole Society Cassidy Weekender Bag // 5. Sam Edelman Marais Alix Weekender Duffel Bag // 6. CLARE VIVIER Adam Weekender


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