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Electric Blue

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Sea NY T-Shirt (similar here) / Antoni Alison Vest (similar here) / Prada Bag / Zara Pants / Zara Shoes (similar here) / Persol Sunglasses

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Good morning beautiful people! Another blog post with more blue (I cannot seem to getenough!). Living out of a suitcase for so long now, I have really found my true staples, and core colours at that (grey, black and white, with hints of navy and tan).

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A casual weekend outfit for me often consist of kicks and skinnies, with a relaxed tee or jumper (my current fave is this supercuteSea NY t-shirt). To lift the outfit just add some leather and key accessories (my Prada has not left my side for months).

Wishing you all the best weekend (I will be knee deep in boxes starting the gruelling, yet exciting part of moving in!).

Anneli x

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