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dresses with elastic in the back


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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. Today, I am going to share an outfit that is perfect for summer fall transition. Especially after living in San Diego for while now, I have realized that there are not as many weather changes as in mid-west. In fall season, you can easily rock any breezy outfitwith a jacket or sweater.

The dress that I am wearingin this post is pretty common and basic. This is a kind of skater dress; fitted top and flared skirt design. But, there are few points to note while buying skater dresses. This is my second dress in this same pattern.The first one has already been featured in my Catalina Trip Post. (You can see here).

When I say same pattern, I meant by elastic waist band at the back. I am kind of size extra small in tops but small to Medium in Jeans and pants. So, you can guess why I love dresses with elastic in the back ???? For casual wear, such kind of dresses arevery comfortable as well asflattering on the body. Fitted top of this dress accentuate the waist area that I love the most about this dress.

Apart from the elastic waist there is one more detailin thedress that made me buy it i.e., cross strap in the back. First of all, it secures the strap falling from shoulder and second it adds needed ‘umph’ to this simple dress. I decided to pair this with brownish nude sandals from INC, which is super comfy and has these silver studs that act as an accessory itself. Since I was going with brown theme I opted for saddle brawn colored cross body bag from Target.


Dress –Abercrombie Fitch Click Here to View

Sandals– Inc. from Macys Click Here to View

Bag– Target

Bracelet – Sterling silver from beads shop in Encinitas



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