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Diamond Wedding Rings

Engagement and wedding rings take center stage in getting engaged and the wedding ceremony. Tokens of affection have been given since prehistoric times for a wide variety of reasons by many different cultures. Wedding rings have a rich history and traditions in cultures around the world and the tradition continues with modern engagement rings and wedding ring sets for men women.

Wedding Rings Symbolize Love and Commitment

Throughout history, in cultures where rings have been exchanged, the ring has been used as a symbol of love, commitment, or the intent to marry at some point in the future. If you are shopping for diamond wedding rings, you will find a large selection of wedding jewelry for sale in exquisite designs at Union Diamond.

Wedding Rings in Pre-History

Rings were not always made of precious metals, or even worn on the finger. Cavemen would braid grass into cord and tie these round the wrists, waste and ankles of their mates. Historians believed that the purpose of this action was to help the man gain control over his wife`s spirit.

Rings as a Symbol of Ownership

Not all traditions surrounding engagement and wedding rings are romantic or endearing, particularly to modern women. In various cultures from early history through the middle Ages, rings were given as a form of payment for the woman prior to marriage. Additionally, iron rings were often given to wives by their husbands to symbolize the legal ownership of the wife by her husband.

The History of Diamonds in Engagement and Wedding Jewelry

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, a variety of ring styles in silver and gold were given, either prior to marriage or at the time of marriage. in the late 1800s, diamonds were discovered in south Africa and the DeBeers Mining Company was founded. In a very short time, the company would control most of the diamond production in the world. Diamonds did not become the standard for engagement and wedding jewelry until the 1930s.

Modern Engagement and Wedding Rings

The history of wedding and engagement rings continues to grow and evolve in the present day. Today, diamonds remain the standard for rings, but increasingly, women are choosing other gemstones, either alone or with diamonds for unique wedding and engagement ring designs. In addition, wedding ring sets for mens womens coordinating rings have become prevalent and many couples are choosing to design their own wedding rings.

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