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Color Guide for Bags According to Changing Seasons

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by women. Wearing or carrying the wrong colored accessories and handbags for the wrong season. So, before the fashion police in your friends circle go on a fashion frenzy lecture, take a few tips from us.


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Choose all the bright and light colors for Summer. Pink handbags are fun to carry and easy to accessorize with almost every dress you may own. Don`t go for black leather bags for day ware, however formal or professional wear issues are exempted from this rule. A white handbag could actually be more calming. Other colors to have fun with are lemon, sky blue, light green, mauve, peach and all other light shades.


Believe it or not, Autumn has an obvious range. You will find animal print handbags are always trendy at this time and so are the grey and brown handbags. These colors always go with the Autumn winds and so does black leather bags which you might have been dying to carry around in the day time.


This is the time when you can choose from all the dark and dull colors and actually make them fashionable. Even metallic handbags worn with silver platted earrings look super trendy. Bright colored handbags like red totes and green clutches for cocktail parties look great.


In case you think you know that Spring is easy, it`s not. Floral prints on bags may just banish on-lookers eyes along with the floral clichs of dress that you may be wearing with the advent of Spring. But here is how to do it right even if you love your floral and polka- printed dresses and blouses. Choose the lightest color in your apparel and accessorize accordingly. Pink handbags and yellow totes will always go with your Spring Summer Collection of clothes.

Some of the colored accessories which are evergreen all the seasons round are red clutches, white stole, metallic wristlets, black leather bags, brown bags and shoes and of course everything white.

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