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As much as I love, fashion and consider myself as a fashion n forward type of woman. I just cannot get with a poncho. Every time I hear of them or someone suggest a poncho to me, I always think of this man, Mr. Rice. When I was a kid in small town, America. He was nice, that Mr. Rice, but he was also very old and missing some fingers. Kind of weird if I am being honest. Anyway, when it rain or sleet he had this hideous reddish brown poncho. Ugh! Ever since then I have had a repellant to ponchos. I do not care how these great designers try to spin it. I flash back to Mr. Rice the crossing guard.

Lately I have been seeing them everywhere. In every store, I go into. Ponchos, ponchos, ponchos. There is no way to get away from them.

Then yesterday I stopped in my favorite boutique. I love this store. They are so personal. Once you become a customer, they always look out for you and your style. I do not know if they keep a list of every girl`s size and measurements. However, every time I go they have put aside a few pieces that are exact to my measurements. I cannot remember one time that I have been in there and they have selected an outfit that I did not like.

Whatever they suggest I get. Especially my girl, Naima, she has the best taste. Until she brought this poncho.

At least that is what I thought. She was right, it look great on me.

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