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Carvan Sweater

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Carvan Sweater

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On May 6thI received my order from Preloved, a Toronto company that makes new clothing items from reclaiming existing materials. I`m currently still in the process of greening my wardrobe. I do have some eco-friendly clothing (e.g. Miik) but not everything I own is green. Clothes, shoes, jewellry have a longer lifespan in my closet thanskin care. It`s been a goal of mine to do more with less.So I`d decided thatI wasn`t going to buy any new items unless a) the old oneneeded to be replaced, b) Iabsolutely love it c) itcan be wornmultiple ways.Well, finally some of my old non-eco clothing is looking like they should be retired.

Talitha Cardigan

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Preloved had a 50% flash sale recently so I jumped at the chance to grab some unique pieces. I bought the Talitha cardigan in black the Caravan sweater in pink. There are some really cool things about each piece. The cardigan has lace sequinned side panels a little frilly bottom hem. The Caravan top has sleeves made of reclaimed polyester with a cut out pattern. See pictures for details. These pieces are great casual wear pieces would be easy to layer with. In fact, I`m wearing my Talitha cardigan right now with a blue shirt underneath for some colour blue pearl earrings necklace. I actually got a size larger than I needed so I could layer something underneath like a thick turtleneck in the wintertime a tank or t-shirt in the summer time.

Next stop on my eco bus? Trying to find eco-friendly blazersappropriate for office wear. Wish me luck!


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