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Butterfly tunic

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Butterflies are according to me the most beautiful group of insects – so light, graceful, colourful, delicate- no wonder they were inspiration for clothes’ makers. My butterly tunic is not so fantastic like other butterflies’ inspired creations I am presenting below but I hope you like my look as well. The tunic was the starting point of the outfit. Remembering about one of the rules – match loose clothes with tight-fitting clothes in order not to look too baggy and not to add your slihouette more kilos I matched it with my slimmy blue jeans and red and black flats. Here is it…

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I was wearing: a butterfly tunic bought last year at a local Polish store, PullBear jeans, Allegro flats, black, red and white pearl and coral earrings, a transparent ring, a turquoise ring, a black and white religious bracelet

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and here are the butterflies’ inspired dresses (source: Google)

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