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A Zara Wishlist For Spring

Spring is definitely a season where I like to experiment with clothing. For someone who is always in a monochrome state of mind, this is the season where I like to reach for colors and maybe even some florals when I’m feeling adventurous… or hormonal.

Another thing I got to mention is that shopping… is an absolute weakness of mine in every way you can think of. I absolutely love the idea of it and I get really giddy when I have the opportunity to do some online shopping or pay a visit to the mall, however once I’m actually shopping, I get overwhelmed and sort of just… quit. Absolutely odd I know, but I am just so picky with clothing. However if we were to include Zara in to the equation, now that’s a different story. Zara is definitely like Barnes and Nobles where I’m pretty sure I can live in there and be very content with life.

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Studio Top // Long Jumpsuit // Camisole Top // Cowboy Ankle Boots // Drawstring Trousers // Open Ankle Boots



Open Back Dress // Contrast Neck/Hem Dress // Blazer Jacket // A-Line Dress // Text T-Shirt // Halter Neck Top


So for the Spring season, I was definitely keeping an eye on some Zara pieces that combine structure and an airy, flowy, softness to it. I grew up in the beautiful state of Texas so I love me a good pair of boots and Zara makes some of the best, affordable ankle boots out there. I picked two that I thought would be perfect for Spring and maybe onto early Summer although living in California, I probably would not push it that far. I was also very impressed with lots of the tops, dresses, and a pair of joggers that I think would be perfect for casual weekends when the weather is in that indecisive state of being a bit too breezy for shorts but too warm for jeans.

I really enjoyed picking out these pieces and I may do another or two wish lists like these for Asos or HM. What are some pieces you are eye-ing for Spring?! Would like to hear about some of them!

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