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A Fabric Lover’s Confessional – Budgeting

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You`re not alone! I can barely resist a sale. It helped to organize what I have there are plenty of why the heck did I buy this?cuts of fabric. Money wasted! I went one step further and said what I love today I may not love tomorrow so I need to make sure I have a plan, not just purchase because I love it. I will admit, though, I bought a fat quarter set of Birds and Bees it was a total steal without a plan. But now Poppyprint is hosting a quiltalong so I`ll be digging into it soon!
hey, if you only used the fabric you own, how many quilts do you think you could make? Take a good.long.look. Another idea is the one in, one out rule if you use a fat quarter set you can purchase another one. But maybe to pare down what you have, say that you`ll purchase one yard for every two that you use. And you can`t purchase it until you`ve actually used the fabric (good intentions don`t count).
this is really hard but you can do it!


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