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6 Tips Matching Hijab and Clothing


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The use of the veil or hijab is now more popular in the community. If the first, a woman who wears the veil is not considered modern and ancient, now it is inversely proportional. In the last 5 years, the use of the headscarf are increasingly careful, especially the younger generation are increasingly aware of the rules of religious law.

It is also accompanied by the formation of various communities hijabers in big cities. A community whose members tend to be synonymous with smart woman, Saleha, a well established, modern and fashionable, so as to dismiss all of the impression in the past about the veiled woman.

This development was followed by a proliferation of various brands of hijab in the country. Not only that, the fashion blogger hijabers also helped to enliven the trend by giving various tutorials use of hijab in the style and character of each.

For those of you who just want to learn to use the Muslim fashion, here are some tips solid match veil and dress.

Choosing the type of veil
For everyday activities, choose a veil with a material that is light, comfortable, and practical. Comfortable hood will also make your hair healthy. Additionally select a veil that conforms to the shape of the face.

So that the hair does not come out or fall apart, make it a habit to use the depth or ciput ninja or ciput Arabic, and very harmoniously paired with a scarf or a pashmina models rectangle that you can modify to various models.

Choose a neutral color ciput
Choose depths veil (ciput) with neutral colors, such as black, white, brown or use ciput with matching color with a pashmina. Sometimes, the veil or pashmina used material is not thick enough to cover the innards veil. Ciput neutral colors you can mix with various multicolored scarf.

Instant hijab
For those of you who do not want too much trouble to modify a scarf or pashmina, then you can choose instant hijab or head scarf known as a hoodie on the market. This instant hijab is ideal to use if you are in a hurry or lazy to dress up for long.

With multicolored headscarf hoodie on the market, you can easily match with clothes that are used, such as cuffs or harem pants and a jogger who is still a trend among hijabers.

Note complexion
Before choosing a veil or clothing to be used, consider the first tone. If you use a geometric patterned clothes, such as squares, stripes, or batik, then you should avoid patterned scarf as well.

We recommend using plain veil, or with minimal texture as a counterpart. Patterned veil can be fitted when paired with plain clothes, at least to the use of his superiors.

Choose a color
Veil and mix and match with clothes usually adjusted with a choice of color themes. For example, last year was the trend of pastel colors, the veil from start to subordinate everything is pastel.

This year, the monochrome color is predicted to be excellent. Then, you can choose shades of black and white hoods and clothes for you.

However, do not rule out the possibility, if you use a dark color shirt, you can pair with brightly colored scarf. This method can also help you look brighter.

Add accessories
As a complement, use accessories veil, like a brooch or a headband to make you look more beautiful and stylish. If you already use dark clothing, you can play at the color of bags and shoes are brighter.

Additional other accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets will make you look more ‘wow’. Do not need to always ‘matching’, contrasting colors can produce interesting effects for the appearance, as long as you are able to use the style instinct.

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