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5 Things That Make Wedding Cost So Expensive


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Marriage is actually no need to spend a lot of money, but must remain memorable. However, sometimes the cost of the wedding so had risen because of the many people who want this and that.

Well, know that there are some things that often make the cost of the wedding so very expensive. Among them is because bebeberapa following.

Magnificent Venue

You do not have to rent a large hall if your budget is limited. Usually a venue so expensive because of the luxurious interior or offer additional amenities that make you dug deep pockets. Better utilize plain to maximize the venue decoration to your liking.

Special entertainment

Some rituals in cincin kawin is not always just the music. Sometimes there is also offering a special attraction. But if it is less you need, better not. Create a wedding is quite meaningful for you and your personal guests.

Too Many Guests

Some married couples prefer to invite relatives and friends only. It is not wrong. In addition to saving also make your own wedding more memorable. Than many guests that you do not really know and so dizzy at the cost of souvenirs.

Pernik Marriage

Pernik this marriage might be, shoes, souvenirs, ornaments decorations that can be minimized and so on. Tricks that you can cut the unusual decor is to create something that is DIY and personal. For example, a table decorated bottles in which there -Photos photograph you and your partner.

Gown And Wedding Rings

Dresses and wedding rings often need a special budget. Consult with your tailor about dress models and materials that are more friendly on the pocket. Because this dress you only use on the day. For rings, select the personal nature, so although a little more expensive, but you will not regret it because you`ll use throughout later life.


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