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What creates him tick Chocolate and bike rides with IWC CEO Georges Kern


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At Watches Wonders, an annual eventuality for watch buffs in Hong Kong, we sat down with Kern to get to know a celebrity that drives IWC Schaffhausen.

The one appendage (aside from your watch) that we could not live without

A good span of shoes.

What about ties? You seem to have a flattering engaging collection?

I have a Hermes tie that is printed with monkeys. It`s an eye-catching piece, and we wear it given we feel like, sometimes, we are in a universe of monkeys. Aside from that one, we also have one that is for looking during a batch market. It`s also by Hermes, and is printed with brownish-red bears and bulls in a settlement that are going up or embrace a batch market. we demeanour during a batch marketplace and share prices, and that shows that tie we will wear.

What`s a subsequent holiday we have designed (or would like to take)?

I`m going to go diving in a Red Sea in dual weeks.

What are we wearing on your wrist right now?

I`m wearing a Portguese Annual Calendar Dark Blue Dial. we adore dim blue, that`s because I`m wearing a dim blue fit right now as well, it`s a good color.

Aside from reward watches, what other collector`s equipment seductiveness you?

Many things! There are a integrate of selected cars that we would like to buy, such as a Dino Ferrari, for example. There are, of course, some art pieces we would like to buy, some houses, a plane. But, we know, I`d never buy a boat. That is really off my list.

When and because did we initial tumble in adore with watches?

My father was a jeweler, so we was innate into a adore of it. I`ve been confronting jewelry, watches and humanities given we was a baby.

If a male or lady could deposit in usually one watch in their lifetime, that one would it be and why?

It would have to be one of a >

Which celebrities wear an IWC watch? Any utterly engaging stories to tell?

There are indeed utterly few of celebrities that wear IWC  Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett, many people that I`ve famous for many years and are really good people. Cate, she wears a Portofino, and she` a one that was always seeking for developments for a Portofino with a womanlike line. She`s been pulling me and teasing me for several years, and is one of a categorical influencers in that line. And then, once a code was mature enough, we went for it.

Where are we many expected to be found on weekends?

In a winter, you`ll find me skiing in St. Moritz. In a summer, you`d find me in a plateau on my bike, my Colnago. Colnago is an Italian bike that is fundamentally a Rolls Royce of bicycles.

What season is your birthday cake?

Chocolate, and usually chocolate.

Describe IWC in 5 words

Tasteful, technical, clever DNA, modern, Swiss-German.


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