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The Greatest Innovation In Squeaky Toddler Shoes Is a Silencer Switch

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An easy approach to safeguard toddlers don’t incidentally wrench their boots off is to put a squeaker in there, branch each step into a harmony of fun sounds. Or, during least, fun to a child. To relatives it can get irritating real fast, that is because Ikiki was intelligent adequate to put on/off switches in a toddler shoes.

Squeaky boots are also a good approach to keep an eye—or an ear—on your child when you’re out in public—like a bell around a cow’s neck. But during home we wish silence. And that’s as easy as flipping a switch on a solitary of these boots from ‘annoying’ to ‘peace and quiet’. Unfortunately, though, a switch has no control over your child’s possess ability to make noise.

Ikiki’s boots are now accessible in 6 opposite designs featuring several animals that are renouned among a younger set (puppies, pandas, kittens) and will set we behind about $30/pair.

If you’re disturbed about a price, given your toddler substantially grows out of things in small weeks, pediatricians and therapists also trust that squeaky boots can assistance kids learn to walk, reinforcing each scold step with sounds. So you’re not only shopping your child stylish footwear, you’re also assisting them allege some-more fast than their peers—granting we those critical bragging rights. [Ikiki]


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