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It’s that time of year again when you end up as sweaty Betty just by wrapping up a bit too warm when you go shopping. All high street shops crank up the heat and you are left feeling like you are ready to pass out after layering up so much you would survive in the Arctic. It is an art form being able to dress to go shopping at this time of year. Especially, if it involves trailing from one shop to the other and having to go OUTSIDE to get to the next one. I always fail miserably and end up splitting my Primark bag as I lack an extra 20 hands to carry shopping, my coat, snood, gloves, hat and skis.

Is there an alternative to being able to keep warm but also to look like you aren’t wearing your entire wardrobe? Well, that’s when I discovered my love of all things shaggy with this amazing grey and white striped shaggy number that made me try and relate this whole blog post to either ‘it wasn’t me’ or the fact that Shaggy from Scooby Doo was definitely a stoner. It is the perfect alternative to wearing a faux fur.

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Now to try and name this blog post… is shaggable too far?

All photos taken byGill

I’m wearing a cardigan from Missguided, top from Motel, flares from Monki, and sunglasses from Episode


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