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I would like you all to meet the most perfect tartan shirt fromTopshop.

I love the ‘glunge‘ look and it is easy to create. There really is an obsession with joining words together, for example, a lob (long bob) or brunch (breakfast, lunch). If you don’t know what glunge means it basically means glam grunge. This can be created through layering, mixing a glam item with something that would be considered ‘grunge’. You might even have been creating this look without even knowing it!

My 3 top tips to get this look:

01. Less isn’t more.

You know all those chunky necklaces you own, wear them. Especially the ones that you would consider to be ‘glam’. Layering is key.

02. Think 90’s.

Band t-shirt? Check. Faux fur jacket? Check. Chunky heels? Check.

03. Can’t be bothered doing your hair?

Would you take the plunge and rock a glunge look? (I’m too cool)


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