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I have loved Vivienne Westwood since I studied her for an art project in High school. She really does modernise punk and at the current age of 71 she is nothing short of a style muse. With her bright orange hair and vintage meets punk fashion, she will always be a style icon.

Vivienne opened her first shop in 1971 called ‘Let It Rock’, later known as ‘Sex’ and ‘Too fast to live, to young to die’. Vivienne created clothes with Matthew McLaren which were inspired by bikers and prostitutes. Vivienne Westwood was in amongst the Punk era in the 70s. The 1970s punk style was made up of bondage gear, safety pins, leather and razor blades not forgetting the spiked dog collar! Vivienne loved mixing Punk with patterns such as tartan to create an overall edgy look.

Vivienne has recently been quoted to have said ‘buy less, choose well do it yourself!’. In the 70s Vivienne’s aim was to shock. She wore leather with boots and destroyed fabric, although previously fabric was meant to be beautiful and as new looking as possible. The hair was high and often spiked as high as possible, punk’s often used soap to make their hair stand up.

These are my top five tips to copying Vivienne Westwoods 70s punk style:

1. Invest in some tartan. Scarf, skirt, trousers or all three.

2. Mix punk thrift items with modern classic items to create edgy chic.

3. Attempt to make your own clothes, even if it is something simple such a customising a T-Shirt.

4. Research Japan street fashion (always reminds me of Vivienne’s style)

5. Make it your own!


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