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New marriage trend sees brides and grooms skipping cakes in preference of honeyed bars


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    • Brides and grooms formulation nontraditional weddings are opting for dessert bars instead of marriage cakes
    • The tables can be brimful with cupcakes, petit fours, chocolate-covered strawberries, and tartlets
    • Some are selecting themed tables, like s’mores stations or make-your-own-sundae stations
    • Those who still wish a tradition of slicing a cake competence instead have a little one that will usually feed a few


Remember a large weddings you’ve attended in that a newlyweds cut a cake, fed it to one another, and fundamentally crushed a frosting all over any other’s mouths? Well, those days competence be over — and copiousness of brides are observant good riddance.

With weddings apropos some-more nontraditional these days, a new trend in desserts competence be putting an finish to tiered layers of white frosting, buttercream flowers, and his-and-hers figurines.

The subsequent large thing in honeyed after-dinner cooking is a dessert bar or dessert table, that brides and grooms will have packaged with tons of appetizing goodies like cupcakes, doughnuts, candy, mousse, chocolate-covered strawberries — and infrequently even a little tiered cake thrown in for good measure.

Delicious we do’s! Newlyweds are opting for dessert bars with copiousness of accumulation instead of — or in further to — marriage cakes, like ones set adult by Simply desirable Socials

A pie-in-the-sky kind of love: Event plannerKristine Cholakian Cooke of Simply Charming Socials says candy like pies are apropos renouned for dessert tables too

All a sweets! Tables can embody chocolate lonesome strawberries, cake pops, and spirit bites, like this list by Michigan-based association Designed with Sugar

Nuptial nom-noms: The pivotal is picking desserts that a bride and husband (and guests) will indeed enjoy

Not so old-fashioned: Having opposite forms of dessert offers accumulation and also offers a possibility to step divided from tradition

‘Dessert is one of a sweetest moments during weddings, though couples are deviate from a normal tiered marriage cake and opting for decadent dessert bars,’ eventuality planner and engineer Kristine Cholakian Cooke of Simply Charming Socialstold Daily Mail Online. ‘Sweets tables are apropos some-more and some-more renouned during receptions for many reasons.’

For one thing, marriage cakes can be impossibly costly — and impossibly limiting, as they offer only one season for what can infrequently be hundreds of guest with opposite tastes. If a good aunt is allergic to chocolate cake or a child cousins are not a fan of strawberry jam filling, they’re out of fitness when it comes to gratifying their honeyed tooth.

And afterwards there’s a fact that couples these days only don’t wish to do all their relatives and grandparents did, and are aiming for reduction grave — and some-more singular — ways to demonstrate themselves and perform their guest on their large day.

Yummy meets pretty:Upgrade Events by Ingrid Mason combined this table, that facilities chocolate mousse, hiss shooters, macarons, pivotal orange tartlets, and mini crème brulees

Don’t skip out! Some newlyweds who don’t wish to remove a cake-cutting tradition competence opt for a smaller tiered cake along with their decadent dessert tables

I now pronounce we male and cupcake! Couples competence also collect a theme, like s’mores or cupcakes here during a marriage designed by Simply Charming Socials)

Over-the-top: The bride during one marriage was a baker herself, and finished all of a desserts

Makes an impact: Yummy treats enclosed mousse in martini eyeglasses and cake pops flashy to demeanour like roses

So where do they start? Kristine said brides-to-be ask for things like pies, petit fours, cupcakes, brownies, French macarons, and kid-friendly divert and cookies, that can be displayed in copiousness of opposite combinations once a dancing and jubilee are underway.

Some newlyweds hang to themes, job on internal bakeries to offer adult ethic candy that applaud their informative backgrounds, or else collect tantalizing treats from regretful vacations they’ve taken.

‘We’ve seen Swedish cakes, Greek pastries, and Italian cookies all as partial of a marriage dessert table,’ she explained of a facet of a trend that will really make conventionalist yayas and nanas grin with satisfaction. ‘Couples compensate loyalty to their countries of origin, home towns, or transport practice by pity an succulent pleasure from their favorite places in a world.’

In fact, some-more and some-more couples are anticipating that they don’t have to be singular by what generations of married couples have finished during weddings in a past, selecting to do what they wish even if itcompletelybucks tradition.

Seriously glamorous: This Winter Wonderland-themed marriage catered by Sweet Events by Anh enclosed cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and frosted cookies

Here comes a yums! This artistic arrangement enclosed candy finished to demeanour like sparkly rendezvous rings

No skimping on sugar: Just since there’s no cake doesn’t meant there’s not adequate to eat for everyone

Touching everyone’s tastebuds: Different flavors like turtle cheesecake meant everybody can find something they like

‘Childhood favorites come adult all a time,’ combined Kristine. ‘People ask, “How can we embody a favorite ice cream into a reception?” Or, “My husband-to-be loves base drink floats… can we have those?” Sure! We’ve helped couples relive their past by bringing behind aged family recipes, formulating DIY s’mores stations, and engagement a popsicle mount for guest to enjoy.’

One-item dessert bars have turn a favorite, too. Instagram and Pinterest are packaged with suggestions for doughnut displays featuring several flavors to select from, whoopee cake stations that concede guest to collect their cookies and fillings, and sundae bars that opposition a ones found during ice cream and froyo bondage like 16 Handles.

With her Atlanta-based company, Kristine has designed honeyed tables that underline several forms of homemade pies, cupcakes in flavors like red velvet, strawberry, coconut lemon, and Guinness, and mini tastes of treats including tartlets, turnovers, and doughnuts.

Ingrid Mason of a Miami-based Upgrade Events has staged identical displays with opposite flavors of dessert shooters, tartlets, and macarons, whileLinaya Heatherly of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based association Designed with Sugar catered a marriage with cake pops, cupcakes, spirit bites, mini cheesecakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

From dancing to dining: It’s also probable to make a desserts fit a tone palette or visible theme

Eat up! This marriage featured chocolate-covered strawberries, doughnuts, opposite kinds of candy, and cake pops

Making it fancy: Even mini Jello cups can demeanour decadent when they’re finished right

Dancing fuel: Candy equipment like meringues, chocolate-covered pretzels, and macarons are infrequently interspersed with flowers

Switching it up: Some newlyweds also make dessert equipment into celebration favors, charity ways to squeeze candy on a go

The Bay Area Candy Buffet Company in San Francisco also does bone-fide candy stations, finish with tradition rice crispy treats, monogram cookies, string candy, marshmallow trees, andmeringuetowers. And Sweet Events by Anhin Orange County, California has enclosed strawberries dipped in white and divert chocolate to demeanour like tuxes and marriage gowns.

But while a clearly unconstrained array of dessert options that are certain to prove each guest is positively an appealing idea, some couples don’t indeed wish to give adult their large cake-cutting moment.

‘Although these dessert bars are all a rage, many brides and grooms have a tough time withdrawal out a cake slicing tradition,’ pronounced Kristine. ‘The solution? A little one- or two-tiered slicing cake for a integrate to cut during a reception. This won’t be adequate to feed all a guests, though if a grandmother wants a slice, we should have some to spare.’

Plus, those little tiered confections can tie a dessert list together, and even set a demeanour during feel for a rest of a sweetened snacks on display.


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