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MTAC since I’m rockin’ a pair of jeans!

Today was my lucky day! I arrived at the post office and opened my box to see the yellow youв`ve got a prize slip! (For me it`s like Christmas knowing the great folks at my post office have a surprise for me!) I might have done a dance of joy as I quickly assessed my package and I saw Comp-Tac on the return address label! Yay! It could only be one thing Smarties!

And more importantly my new MTAC Minotaur IWB Holster!

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I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival since I ordered it at the Nationals on September 20th (I have no patience none! So I certainly wasn`t checking my email for news of tracking numbers so I could stalk my package on its journey from Texas to Connecticut I would never!)

Now since this was my first foray into IWB carry for my G26, my plan was to keep an open mind and throw positive vibes out into the universe. Lucky for me, I had taken the day off to spend with one of my shooting buddies. So, Brian helped me to find the right angle and perfect fit to allow for optimal conceal ability and maybe comfort? (Insert positive vibes here and props to Brian for making it work so quickly)

Here`s what I found:



  • Great with a pair of jeans or 5.11 tac pants (not a great dress pants option unless I wear a belt and start wearing moo moo`s over dress pants as the gun prints with more fitted shirts. Still not changing my work wardrobe I`d rather have more money to support my shooting hobby!)



  • After sorting through many T-shirt options, I had to settle on a match T-shirt with a boxier cut (fitted and light colored T`s just screamed I`ve got a gun!)



  • Add some lipstick and my pocket book and I still resembled a girl (mission accomplished!)




  • When walking around, I tended to forget I was even wearing it, very comfortable and not sweaty at all (I`m not big on feeling sweaty!)



  • Sitting in an office chair or at the table were great.



  • Sitting on the couch ouch! But with careful repositioning and a more extended position of my right hip there was improved comfort overall



  • Driving a car took some adjustments to my seat (think gangsta style), but once positioned so I could still see over the steering wheel (and Brian reminding me about positivity) all was well with universe (and my backside).




  • I`ve had it on all day and for the most part (outside of driving gangsta style) I`ve had a great day with my Glock 26 in tow



There comes a time (or two or three) throughout the day when you need to empty your bladder. Oh Good God  Now what?!! This is not a challenge I typically face when wearing a Flashbang or an Ankle Holster.

Here are the random thoughts/questions that swirled around in my brain as I decided how to proceed:


  • Can I leave the gun holstered? (And risk it falling in the toilet NOPE!)



  • Is placing the gun on the sink an option? (Think public bathroom NOPE!)



  • Can I un-holster the gun and set it on the back of the toilet? (Again the risk of it falling into the toilet NOPE!)



  • Un-holster and pop it temporarily in my pocketbook? (A viable option)



  • Retrieve a piece of paper towel, set it on the floor and place my gun on top (YUP!)


I elected for the last option and set it on the floor in front of me.

All in all I had a great day off from work that allowed me to put my new holster to the test. Bottom line I`ve got a great new holster for weekend carry and I`m thinking as it breaks in it will become increasingly more comfortable.

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