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Making Poverty Unfashionable

Everyone loves an LBD right? Elegant and versatile, they`ll take you to work or night out on the town, or for over50 women of London`s Junior League, they`ll help you raise awareness of poverty through the Little Black Dress Initiative (LDBI).Inspired in part by the Live Below the Line campaign, which encouraged challengers to live on ВЈ1 for day, these women have all worn the same LBD for five consecutive days , in order to put a spotlight on the 27% of Londoners living below the poverty line. Over the course of the week, each of them ran a social media campaign, detailing why they wear the dress and how you can help.

Why a little black dress you might ask? What does that have to do with poverty? According to the founders, Cynthia Ward and Natasha Turner, the dress symbolises the lack of proper clothing that holds people back when job-hunting, and in 2014, they decided to do something about. The past three years have seen the initiative grow and it was great to be able to join in (and cross number 6 off my dirty thirty list.)

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Not only are they raising awareness and money for the cause, but they`ve also partnered with Suited Booted and Smart Works, taking collections of clothing that would qualify as suitable interview wear. Thinking about an early Spring closet clean, or have a few suits that fee; a little too tight?

The closing celebration for London look place last week (somewhat fittingly on International Women`s Day!) at the Skybar of the Intercontinental 02, and they kindly asked me to join in, soI pulled out my LBD in solidarity.

I hadn`t been to the Intercontinental before, but it`s a lovely hotel, with absolutely epicviews of Canary Wharf that almost made me forget I`m in London and a lobby that I`d like to move into!

While the closing ceremony signified the end of the campaign for the 54 women that participated in London, they`re not done yet. The campaign has spread to an additional 2o cities, and you can still donate at theirVirgin Money giving pagehere.

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