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How To Style A Casual Summer Look

Summer is all about relaxation and fun in the sun. Creating a casual summer look follows this same theme, and is easy to create for nearly anyone. Learn how to create an awesome summer look that is casual and fun to wear for an amazing summery look.

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A casual summer look is all about layering the least amount of pieces to create the most glam look. Bring on the page boy jeans and a simple draping t shirt. Page boy jeans are a more casual and modest approach to summery shorts, and in a faded jean material look great with a boat neck t shirt. Paired with slip on shoes or simple sandals (try to avoid flip flops), this is a great casual summer look that looks great on every body shape and is very easy to accomplish.

Those who wish to wear shorts will love to pair a simple striped tank top or t shirt with bermuda-style shorts or pastel hued shorts. Again, a pair of slip on shoes or sandals can make this outfit amazingly casual while still being stylish and trendy at the same time.

Another casual summer look revolves around a simple sundress. A sundress paired with strappy sandals and a pair of cute sunglasses is all a gal needs to look great on the beach or just strolling around with friends. To top off this look, a quick ponytail style with all the hair sleeked back and a touch of bronzer does the trick to looking casually glamorous at the same time.

Accessories can make any plain outfit look great and trendy. For fashionistas who prefer to shine with their jewelry instead of their clothing, a simple t shirt and jeans can be played up with thin gold necklaces and plenty of bangles mixed and matched to create the perfect look.

Summer makeup and hair is all about being casual as well. Casual hair is sleeked back in a long ponytail or left naturally wavy. For those with short hair, putting it back with a simple headband or single bobby pin can help keep a look casual and not overly fussy. If a hairstyle requires a blow dryer or a curling iron, then it`s not casual enough and needs to be toned down to create that perfect summer look.

Makeup should be casual and easy as well. Forget the heavy concealers that only cause summer breakouts- rather, stick to sunscreen and a light touch of bronzer and tinted lip gloss. For eyes, a quick swipe of waterproof mascara creates that sexy yet simple look that tops off any summer outfit. If eyeshadow is desired, the same bronzer applied lightly to the brow bone should do the trick.

When it comes to creating that perfect casual summer look, this is a scenario where less is certainly more. In going super casual with great pairing pieces, anyone can feel great and breezy from head to toe, and can love the summer season with the best and most casual looks.

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