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How To Sew A Skirt

If you have ever wanted to create your own style by sewing your own clothes then a skirt is an excellent place to start. You can make a very nice skirt with an elastic waist by using only a few of the most basic sewing techniques. These same techniques can be used on a variety of other projects as you advance your skills.

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What You Need



measuring tape

poppers or snap buttons for fastening


sewing machine

Getting Started

First, you want to create the main body of your skirt. Measure your waist and then cut your fabric accordingly. You can make your skirt any length that you would like. Take the raw, bottom edge of the fabric and fold it under about a centimeter then use a sewing machine to stitch the hem. Pin it as needed. Do the same at the top of the fabric. You can also feel free to hand sew it, but using a sewing machine makes it much faster. You can also get fabric that already has a finished edge which is particularly great for skirts and you can then skip the step where you create the hem. Do not stitch up the side of your skirt just yet. You will actually be doing that last after you attach the waist band.

Making The Elastic Waist

You should choose a nice elastic that matches your fabric because you will be sewing it directly to the body of your skirt to form the upper hem. Trim the elastic band to fit and then fold your raw edges under at either end and stitch them down. Stitch on your buttons, snaps or whatever you selected as your fastener to each end of the waist band. It is now ready to attach to the body of your skirt.

Attaching The Pieces

Using a sewing machine, just sew the waist band onto the body of the skirt. To do this you want the two right sides to be facing one another. The right side of your waist will be the side that features the part of the fastener that will be visible. Do not attach the ends of the waist together to sew it onto the skirt  leave the snaps unsnapped or button unbuttoned. Line up the bottom edge of your elastic and the top hem of your skirt. Be sure to use matching thread and simply push it along and fold it create lots of little pleats in your skirt.

Once you have sewn on the waist band you can feel free to join the fasteners. Now it`s time to sew up the edge and create the seam on the side. This will close up the skirt and actually make it into a skirt. You want to create a similar 1 centimeter hem like you did for your other edges. You want the skirt to be turned inside out and simply stitch up the seam. Turn your skirt right side out and it is ready to wear.


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