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How To Knit


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Beanies can be very simple and fun to knit. The nice thing is that all that a person has to do is follow a few simple stitching steps and they will have an awesome beanie in no time. The first thing that you will need when you are making your seamless beanie is a circular needle, stitch markers, a tapestry needle, and the yarn of your choice. To start out make a slipknot and then do 100 stitches. After the 100 stitches are finished then use the stitch marker to mark the beginning of the next round and knit two additional stitches. After the two stitches have been done, then bring the yarn to the front of your work and pearl two stitches. After the two stitches are finished, then the first round is done. Go back to the original stitch marker and stitch from the left to the right of the needle. Continue on with the same sequence of four stitches which would be knit two stitches and pearl two stitches until you are able to reach the desired depth of your beanie. After you have found your desired depth now you can go back and begin to place stitch markers every 10 stitches in order to shape the top part of the beanie.

Now it is time to continue on with the pattern of knit two stitches and pearl two stitches until you reach the first set of the last two stitches before the stitch marker. Now you can knit two stitches together whenever there are stitches in order to decrease the beanie. Next working in the same pattern again until you reach the last two stitches before the next marker. The same pattern should be repeated with the next rows until half of the original stitches are decreased and you will have 50 stitches. After the 50 stitches have been done then you will now begin to decrease in every row until you are left with just 10 stitches. When you get to just the 10 stitches now it is time to use the tapestry needle. Use the tapestry needle to thread the working yarn and thread it through all of the other stitches and secure them. By following this simple stitching pattern you will soon have a beautiful seamless beanie that is ready-to-wear.

Beanies are great projects to work on, because they are fun and everybody loves to wear a beanie. Beanies are great to wear in the fall, spring, and the winter. A person can choose any type of yarn or color that they want in order to get their desired look. Beanies are great to start off a new project, because they are simple and they do not take that long. Many people like to make beanies, because it does not take long for them to be able to see the fruits of their labor. If you or anyone that you know are starting to knit then creating this beautiful simple seamless beanie could be a great way to start.


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