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How To Get The Keira Knightley Red Carpet Look

Keira Knightley has wowed spectators for many years on the red carpet. She is an actress that seems to have impeccable taste and a very good stylist waiting in the wings. Every appearance on the red carpet is a dabber one, and many fans want to duplicate her style. The tips below can help anyone that is craving that Keira Knightley look.

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The Soft and Lacy Look

One thing that Keira seems to wear well is the lacy dresses. The soft dresses that are in soft beige or pastel colors always seem to look so good on Keira. She has the ability to really make an entrance without overdoing it. If fans want to take one key point from Knightley`s style they should know that she is sort of basic for red carpet appearances. There are not a lot of over the top numbers, but her beauty and coy demeanor seem befitting for this type of attire.

The lacy dresses are short and frilly sometimes. At other times these dresses are long and flowing. Most of the long flowing dresses would seem impractical for the typical outing, but there are some shorter dresses that can help women pull off the Keira Knightley look. What she manages to do is change things up a little bit.

Sometimes Keira may wear a jacket  that, at first glance, seems totally out of place  to add her own unique feel. This is the sort of out in left field style that Keira can be seen in when she is just having a little fun.

Firm, Body Wrapping Attire

There have also been times where Keira has been seen in some firm body wrapping dresses. This is somewhat different from her soft flowing dress look, but she makes it work most of the time  with exquisite high heels. When you want to dress like this you need to have the right heels to accentuate the look. She has been spotted in the tight body wrapped dresses on more than one occasion. To pull this off you need to have some shoes that will help you pull off that sexy slender look.

The Typical Keira Hairstyle

Fortunately, Keira has relatively short hair in comparison to many other celebrities so ladies with short hair are in luck. Keira usually wears her hair up. You may see her with her hair down for a magazine shoot or a movie, but the red carpet is different. There have been times where she has worn her hair with flowers, but most of the time she doesn`t have anything in it. It is just placed up.

Sometimes she wears the part in her hair. There have been other times where she has had the hair braid around her head like a mythological Goddess. During the times where her hair is down it will be curled at the ends.

Few Accessories

Knightley is almost never seen with any type of necklace on the red carpet. She`s a minimalist.

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