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How To Do Cross Stitch Embroidery


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Sewing and embroidery can be very simple once you get the hang of it and practice the different types of stitches. Here, you will learn how to complete a cross stitch embroidery with a step by step process. By the end of these instructions, you will be a master at this type of stitch and can move onto more difficult sewing techniques.

Before you can begin your cross stitch embroidery, you must have your sewing material tightly inside the hoop so you can create even stitches throughout the entire process. A good material to use if you are a beginner is wool because this would demand a larger hole and you would be able to work with the material easier. Your material length should not bee extensively long. The maximum it should be is 12-15 inches, depending on your preference.

Begin by guiding the needle up through the hole and at the same time, leave about one or two inches behind at the back of the material. Hold the thread there at that point. This prevents the back of the thread from coming through the hole. If this happens accidentally, you will need to start over from the beginning but do no fret or get overwhelmed because sewing is a process that requires patience and practice. Once you doing the stitch perfectly a few times, you will be a master at it. It is like riding a bike. You will never forget it after you learn it.

Next, go the the hole that is on the other side of the material and then guide the needle back down to the back of the material. After you complete this, come back up to the top again and then go to the top left hole. Then, guide the needle to the bottom right. While you are doing all of these motions, make sure to still be holding the material at the back so it does not create an uneven stitch. Remember the material has not gotten caught yet but it will in the following stitch.

Now, go back to the top right hole. Then, allow the thread to get caught at the back so it does not come out during this next stitch. As you are coming back to the top right hole, guide the needle back down to the bottom left hole. Next, go back to the top left corner and then back down to the bottom right hole. Repeat going from the right hole to the left and then the left hole to the right. At the same time, make sure that the back of the thread keeps getting caught during each separate stitch.

Always make sure not to pull the material too hard because if you happen to pull cotton, it will stretch, making the stitch too tight. You really want to avoid this. Just make sure that it lies flat on a surface. Once you have completed your desired length, finish by taking the material around and putting the needle through two or three of your stitches.


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