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Grazing Fashion

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Blogs these days are all about the freshness and femininity amongst masculine silhouettes of collections. It seems like Fashion blogs about men is quite rare to find and even if you found one, it’s not as updated as you wanted it to be. Probably because the it’s the season of women’s fashion weeks? or is it simply because men isn’t that exposed to the fashion industry we have today? To change that, I am going to post a top picks list from the last two fall and winter collections of  designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Fall and Winter collections were hard to pick out as everything is just magnificent and I truly had a hard time picking looks – especially when Dolce and Gabbana has more than sixty outfits to look from. The trend from the past season? of course layers will never get out of season, well besides that we have the military trend – which I love. It just shows the best assets that any men would love to flatter strength. Dolce and Gabbana has always been this brand with the most trendy collections of them all. From underwear to perfume, the two designers has been storming the fashion industry with their Italian name brand and their celebrity followers. This collection, though, is a season that I’ve never seen from Dolce and Gabbana. It was strong and has an overwhelming vibe of masculinity. The militarism in the collection is by far one of the best take of the military trend from all the runways. It was sleek and very urban – perfect for the fashion city of Moscow or Copenhagen, or even New York. Dolce and Gabbana didn`t just show us their over proportioned coats. We witnessed a lot of leather goods and boots, which has been a trademark for the fashion house. We also saw sweatpants paired with the most luxurious coat you will ever see in Milan. Yay or nay? perhaps it`s the comfortability yet stylish that these duo designers are trying to point out. Regardless, it is still an amazing show. It has a lot of key pieces that every man would love to have in their wardrobe. Marc Jacobs delivered jaw dropping collection , yet again, for his own label. Marc Jacobs has his typical statements from his Louis Vuitton brand as well as his street fashion style. His collection was opulent but still cozy – seems like Dolce and Gabbana aren`t the only ones that used sweatpants materials in their collection. The collection has astounding pieces such as the never ending well tailored coats and the touch of urban modernity in New York. It`s always Marc Jacobs, from Louis Vuitton, that delivers the most luxurious show from the bunch. From leather color palettes to rich dark browns and camels, his collection were stunning. His collection for Fall and winter 2010 was definitely professional working in a big shot fashion industry. The coats were made from the most high quality materials and the excellence in tailoring and construction. His collection for Louis Vuitton is clean and very polished with the slight feel of youth and hip. Since military trend is not going away from more seasons to come, boots are the way to go. Boots will never get you wrong – as you see from the collections, boots can be worn with pair of trouser and blazers to even jeans and trenches. It`s modern and very urban and perfect for the weather of the Northern hemisp here.


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