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Fashion Week of Vancouver

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Tommy Hilfiger Vancouver`s weather is doing pretty great this past week. Bright sunny days, breezy wind and a very nice temperature outside to just walk around and forget about the fact that you have a bus pass for a day. I chose to wear a bright (supposedly color block outfit) today because of the weather (ignore the clouds in the background – it was raining this morning but after that it was a fabulous day to strut down the street). I am in love with the color orange and brown: two of my favorite colors, actually, and it goes well together and compliment each other when matched in an outfit. Oh and yes, I got my hair cut again before boat cruise. Pretty short for my liking but I`m satisfied and the new silhouette of my hair is refreshing. I need to re-invent myself every once in awhile so I don`t get too boring. Don`t I look pretty sweet in those pictures (especially the fact that I`m wearing an optimistic inspired outfit)? However, if you are going to be a bitch to me and start drama with me, I have my sting ready to sting your tongue and slice it in half. The Drew Williams fashion show last night in Access Gallery in Downtown Vancouver was the last show I went to for Vancouver Fashion Week. Even though my friend flooded my inbox with her texts asking me to go to the last night of the fashion week with her, I chose to go out with my friend who`s leaving for Philippines soon and just have a relaxing afternoon. I don`t know but the venue, Empire Landmark Hotel, in Vancouver just threw me off and my experience from the last two nights were just that horrible to brush it off and hope for a better night next time.Apparently I missed several shows that are very impressive according to my friend. But then again, we both have quite distinct choices when it comes to fashion. The Drew Williams show was one hour late and it was held in a tiny basement gallery in West Hastings. It was an ideal gallery but it wasn `t the ideal area to be packed by the media and people with towering heels. It was more of a presentation than a fashion show, actually. I honestly do love this event because of the intimacy and the fact that I can take pictures of these glorious design by Williams without being blurry and  possessed. The collection  consisted of two looks. The female version and the male version which tries to convey Drew `s views towards humanity in this century. The fact that there are only two models that you need to look at told me the whole story of this collection already. It was simply an astonishing moment when your mind is extremely focused taking a picture of every single part of the clothing. That `s the other enjoyable moment. You would want to take pictures of each area of the clothing Drew Williams designed because it has some kind of “wow  factor in every single inch of the garment. The details and the process of making these presentation is simple  breathtaking.  From head to toe, makeup to shoes, Drew Williams collection from Vancouver Fashion Week was beyond extraordinary. He is probably one of the best designer in Vancouver, if not in Canada. The essence of his designs are just mind blowing and something that Vancouver Fashion industry should embrace and treasure. Drew Williams is a diamond within a city of lumber and nature. I am more than happy to close my Vancouver Fashion Week with Drew Williams fashion presentation. It was jaw dropping and I want to see more from Drew! You will never be a fashionable person if you never get those  vicious  stabbing eyes and whispers that hurt more than scraping your knees. That truth of the matter is, these people will never go away for the rest of your fashionable life. The only thing you should do is get the confidence out of them and get used to it. Instead of getting hurt by people who judge you for what you put on, it should  strengthens  you and give you the confidence to even prove them wrong by being yourself and doing what pleases you.  If someone ever insults you and if that someone is someone who wears UGGs boots and leggings with their Guess shirt and Coach bag combo everyday or someone who wears plaid shirts with their cargo short and flip flops ensemble, make that an official sign that you are in the  hemisphere  of the fashionables.  There will be people who will love your style and people who will hate it like a witch in the witch hunt era in London but DO NOT change your style because of those people. The people who criticized my style made me question my sense of fashion for the longest time and that gave me the reason to pursue the industry to prove the people who tried to bring me down wrong. My style today reflects the doubts that I solved by putting my middle finger in front of those who judges.  Valerio Moda for vancouver Fashion Week 2011 – click here to view Leather Pursuit (Valerio Moda editorial spread that I did) I apologize for not posting as much as I used to. School and Vancouver Fashion Week has taken all of my schedule. Five hours of sleep for the past three nights is not glamorous and will never help and give me beauty rest from the exhausting Fashion Week of Vancouver. Without further  a due, I give you my opinion about the 2011 Vancouver Fashion Week (so far).  One hour late for the past two nights, basement ballroom, leaking  ceiling  welcomed the front row sitters on the first night for the show, not so good designers(?) and an unorganized seating plan are just things that I want to vent out after my experience from the past two nights of the Vancouver Fashion Week. That `s what Vancouver Fashion Week is all about! But honestly, I didn `t enjoy the fashion week that much except for the few designers such as Mackenzie Sam and Ali Mokhtarian from Valerio Moda. They are probably the two designers that stole the show from the last three nights of the Fashion Week out of the seventeen designers that showed their collection. Valerio Moda opened the Week and it was stunning. I was astounded by the  amount  of high quality clothes that are in front of me and the opulence coming out from each leather pieces from Valerio Moda collection.  The fur, the buckles, the zippers of each outerwear from the collection of Valerio Moda are impeccable. The hand stitched leather jackets from one of the finest leather designer in North America are oozing with high quality and luxury. The fact that his collection ranged from sportswear to a very high class yet high fashion coat and the playfulness of materials in his designs is just plain prodigious. I was marveled on how this designer is still in Vancouver and showing in a basement ballroom of Empire Landmark Hotel.  I don `t want to leave my readers being disappointed at my experience in the 10th Annual Vancouver Fashion Week. So, here `s the best part of the Fashion Week. Marilyn Wilson from Vancouver Fashion Ezine introduced herself to me and my friend, Vivian, on the first night of Vancouver Fashion Week. If you don `t know what Vancouver Fashion Ezine is, then you need to keep in touch with the local fashion industry more. It is the most famous and successful local Fashion magazine in Vancouver at the moment and also one of the first magazines that I tried to apply an internship with before. It is also the first magazine that gave me my first rejection email.  Out of curiosity, I asked Marilyn about my application and why I got rejected. Of course it `s not a big deal anymore because after awhile I got used to being rejected and it actually helped me pushed my boundaries and crash more doors open. She answered me with, It is not the person that we are rejecting, it is more of that person does not fit our magazine aesthetics . I mean, I get her point and I don `t have anything against it and I just enjoyed the rest of the night finally knowing the reason. You know those questions where you just want to find out why but couldn `t? Well, when Marilyn talked to me, I finally got the answer to that rejection question.  Visit Valerio Moda by clicking here  and click here to go to the editorial I did for Valerio Moda titled Leather Pursuit. Good evening beloved readers of Grazing Fashion. I just want to show you all my new hairstyle before I cut it again for my boat cruise. Although i am in love at the attention and the glares and stares of the people around me because of my hair, I have to cut it again to suit my outfit for my up coming grad event. I am also in love how people that surrounds me think I am an Asian nerd who can `t understand nor speak English and when i open my mouth, they are extra nice to me. Do you want a shopping tip? Always dress up wherever you go. No matter what weather it is, how lazy you are, you have to dress up appropriately and presentably. You will get more respect if you look bitch-er  than the sales associate. Of course, you will get the occasional associate that doesn `t want to get out-bitched by you but just put your chin up high like there `s no tomorrow and the first thing you will hear is the greeting from all these people and being so nervous and wanting to help you. I know some people who would love to go shopping wearing sweats and put a dagger through the  viscous  eyes of the sales associates by buying  expensive  stuff but for me, dressing up is the best way to shut people`s mouth up.

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