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DIY Halloween costumes How to make a dress costume


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It was a many talked about and argumentative emanate of a year  maybe even of a decade  so, because not hint review by wearing it as a timely Halloween costume? No, we`re not articulate about Donald Trump`s presidential run. It`s all about that Internet-breaking dress.

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We won`t tell your Halloween celebration how easy it unequivocally was to create.

Project Runway alumnae Kate Pankoke, now a engineer for Elaya Vaughn Bridal, showed TODAY.com how to emanate your possess chronicle of #TheDress. And in box you`re jealous how elementary this dress unequivocally is, Pankoke enlisted her crony and self-proclaimed DIY rookie Jackie Bender to help.

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What you`ll need:


  • Two of a same dresses in conflicting colors even improved if they are done of lace. We scored tan and black edging dresses from Forever21 for a steal!



  • Ribbon in a tone we need. We found only a right stately blue and frail white.



  • Fabric paint in a tone we need. The lead bullion worked perfectly.



  • A prohibited glue gun.



  • Sponge brushes.


Pro tip: Use a strange print as a beam for where to place a stripes.

What you`ll do:

Step 1: Cut a dresses in half vertically.

Make certain you`re operative on one front half and one behind half so they form one dress when re-attached. We advise putting whichever tone we saw in a print front and center.

Step 2: Paint stripes.

Using a strange print as a guide, consume paint stripes onto one side of a dress. Allow it to dry while operative on a subsequent steps.

Step 3: Measure and cut a badge strips.

Place in a striped settlement identical to a strange dress and prohibited glue them onto a base.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 if necessary.

Now that a paint is dry, supplement edging ribbons as needed.

Step 5: Attach!

Sew, glue, pin or insert a dual sides together to emanate one rarely disputable dress.

Then, accept your best costume esteem with pride!

For some-more Halloween celebration and dress ideas, follow TODAY on Pinterest.

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