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I had the pleasure of interviewing the pastel haired Vintage lover Audrey Kitching. If you have never heard of Audrey before, she is a model, blogger, stylist and fashion designer. Her style resembles Harajuku girl meets grungey thrift fiend. I have always been a big fan of Audrey since she began in her Myspace days, even now I am constantly on her Buzznet page and Instagram. I also featured her on my ‘Weekly Inspiration’ post. Her style has evolved rapidly and can be seen most recently in Italian Vogue!

Audrey’s style is one that can be envied and is hard to copy. She mixes modern with Vintage and is always experimenting with her hair which can be a mix of rainbow colours one week to light pink the next. She has interviewed major celebrities and has been featured in popular magazines such a Nylon and In Style.

Audrey is the queen of Social Media, she often updates her blog on Buzznet where she can be seen modelling designer outfits or simply chilling out at home with her cute cat, Waffle. She always keeps her fans up to date with all her goings on and even finds the time to reply to them on Twitter.

Coco De Coeur is Audrey’s fashion brand. With its interverted cross slouchy jumpers and cat print T-Shirts its in a league of its own. It oozes Japanese Street style and has been worn by many celebs. Audrey has also been featured in many Japanese editorials and I can definitely see why they would love her!

I am so happy that I got to interview Audrey, even with her insanely busy schedule she took the time to answer my questions! In this interview she describes her style gives an insight into her love of all things Vintage! Amour!

How would you describe your style?I guess if an Indian god collected My Little Ponies, did ballet and played with crystals!

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?Honestly anywhere, I’m a big comfort person so whatever I’m wearing has to feel good as well as look good! I’m inspired by music, movies, the streets, magazines, books, my imagination!

Do you feel that Vintage clothing influences todays fashions?Of course! Everything comes back in style, we just update it a bit and mix and match with trendy pieces and it makes the most brillant outfit!

Who is your favourite designer?Christopher Kane

Is there a particular piece of clothing/accessory that you look out for when Vintage shopping?I love oversized shag/faux coats, high black boots, floral dresses and slouchy sweaters.

What celebrities from past present do you feel inspired by?I love the Olsen Twins, Alexa Chung, Lana Del Rey and Abbey Lee Kershaw, older ones I’ve always been in love with Elvis and Marilyn.

What is your favourite era?I think the 20s and the 60s-70s!

What tips would you give to people that would like to go thrift shopping but have never done so before?Know what you’re looking for, if not you feel overwhelmed! Have a few things in mind before you go.

If you could go back in time and live which era would you choose?70s for sure or 60s… I have such a sweet spot for The Doors and The Beatles I still love them today as if it was that time era.

And finally is there a particular item of clothing that will never ‘get old’?Big sunglasses and shaggy big coats!

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